COVID Safety Protocols

La Mesa Premier Family Dentistry

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La Mesa Dental Services has taken a variety of measures to protect the safety of our patients and employees.

  • Strict federal and state rules mandate regular cleanings of all surfaces in, and around, the practice and clinical spaces.
  • There is no longer any superfluous clutter in this room. As an example, publications like magazines and patient leaflets have been removed from the waiting room in order to minimize patient contact.
  • Distancing, hand hygiene, and facial covers will be highlighted in new signage.
  • Protective gear is being added to our team’s uniforms (PPE). A face shield has been added to the surgical masks of our healthcare staff.
  • Clinical equipment can be used to limit the creation of aerosols in dental care. A daily health assessment will be conducted for all team members to ensure the safety of patients and coworkers.
  • All patients are kindly asked to cover their face, wash their hands, remain watchful for symptoms, and stay at home if they feel ill. We appreciate your cooperation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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I went to Dr. Khalid for a root canal on a molar and my experience was seamless! I didn't have any pain throughout the entire procedure and currently recovering successfully. He took the time to thoroughly explain his findings on my tooth and what the procedure entailed. Great service and I finally achieved what I've been fearing!