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Dental care for everyone.

We believe in providing top-quality, ethical general dentistry care to patients of all ages. It involves digital X-rays, regular check-ups, cleaning and polishing of your teeth on a daily basis. Our mission is to ensure the provision of the highest quality of dental care through an honest and ethical approach to treatment, with good care, our teeth can last a lifetime. we are here to focus on improving your oral health and making you feel good about your decision to take care of yourself.

All our advanced dental restorative and general dentistry services are focused on your needs, and our crafted restorations are designed to blend in with the natural arrangement of your teeth so that no one may notice your dental work, only your dazzling smile:

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Dr. Khalid offers a wide range of knowledge and experience in general dentistry, including dental implants surgery, root canal therapy checkups periodic teeth whitening. This will benefit his patients by allowing them to go from one visit with him for all their needs instead of going out constantly looking elsewhere which saves time as well money because there’s no need to waste on travel expenses or prescriptions costs if they don’t find what you’re seeking at another location

Joining La Mesa Dental Services means that you will be treated as a member of our own. You are not just another client to us; we take pride in knowing who each patient is and what they need for their particular teeth problems – because no two mouths work alike!
-So come visit some friendly dentists today at Dr. Khaled & Associates where everyone knows how important it  is to make sure patients feel comfortable during every appointment

There are a lot of options when it comes to dental care and Dr. Khalid is here for you, no matter what your needs may be! He can help with Invisalign treatment as well as implants if that’s something new or just want some advice on how best maintain them through regular brushing alone – which we know isn’t always enough because tooth decay doesn’t stop at night (it happens while we sleep!). But don”t worry; he also has experience in cosmetic procedures like veneers and crowns

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there may then be a severe level of damage done where the tooth can no longer be saved and a tooth extraction is recommended.


Doesn’t it make sense that neglecting to keep your mouth thoroughly clean can cause more problems than you could ever imagine?


It is important to understand that every dentist is different. We all have unique backgrounds, trainings, and interests.


During the check-up, a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and the surrounding tissue will be carried out. 

About La Mesa Dental Services


Root canals are a patient’s best option to save teeth from dying and being removed.so it’s important to save it.

Dr. Khalid has earned a reputation for being able to provide you with everything from dental implants and root canal therapy, all the way down through periodic checkups or teeth whitening as needed! Come to La Mesa Dental Services for the best smile possible. From Invisalign teeth straightening treatments and sedation dentistry, Dr. Khalid will work with you every step of way so that your visit goes as smoothly from start to finish!

Join the La Mesa Dental Services family today. You will forget you are in a dental office because of how comfortable and relaxed Dr. Khalid makes his patients feel throughout their session! A healthy smile is something that we all want to strive for, but it can be difficult when dealing with pain or discomfort from tooth decay on top of everything else life throws at us

Dental care is important for your health and well-being. At La Mesa Dental Services, we offer a range of services that focus on preventative measures to keep teeth clean as well as restorative procedures like fillings or extracts when needed by the normality of wear from daily activities such eating meals with sharp edges may cause pain in between molars which will then lead into bad breath caused due lack hygiene practices so call us today!

Whether you have a missing, chipped, discolored, or crooked tooth, you no longer have to suffer. Contact our practice today by filling out a secure web form or calling us at (619) 467-7797 to schedule your smile makeover, and let us help you achieve your smile goals!