Why You Need a Dental Check up

La Mesa Dental Checkup

Benefits of a Regular Dental Check up

Visiting the dentist and retaining your natural teeth are inextricably linked. Visit the dentist for a dental check up if you want to ensure that you have a full set of healthy teeth. The states with the highest percentage of dental visits also had the lowest percentage of adult tooth loss, according to a Gallup Poll research published in 2014. In Connecticut, for example, 74 percent of individuals saw the dentist in the previous year, while adult tooth loss was only 9 percent. 

In California, on the other hand, only 57 percent of individuals attended the dentist in the previous year, and 37 percent of adults have lost all of their teeth. The link is obvious, and it should urge you to contact us. If you do lose your teeth, we can help you by offering dental implants, bridges, or dentures as replacements. Even so, if you visit our clinic for preventative care on a regular basis, you won’t have to worry about major tooth loss. After all, saving your teeth is less time-consuming and less expensive.

Another reason to visit the dentist for a dental check up is to ensure that you do not develop a toothache or infection. We see patients from all around the 92115 area, and we’ve noticed that toothaches often cause people to miss work. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 164 million work hours are lost each year owing to dental-related illnesses.

If you have a hectic schedule and believe you don’t have time to visit the dentist, you should absolutely make an appointment. Failure to do so could lead to the development of a more serious health problem and the need for time off work. After all, you’re more likely to get tooth decay, infection, and gum disease if you don’t get preventative dental treatment.

What Happens at Your Dental Check Up

We are a kind dentist at La Mesa Dental Services, and we make every effort to make your dental check up as comfortable and relaxing as possible. We recognize that some people avoid going to the dentist because of a dental phobia or apprehension that something is wrong. If this is the case and you do have a cavity, we will treat your tooth gently and carefully so that we may address your oral health concerns without aggravating you further.

We encourage you to call (619) 467-7797 right soon to book your dental checkup. When you arrive, our courteous team will ensure that everything is in order. Following that, we’ll take pictures of your teeth and gums to examine if there are any infections or decay beneath the surface. In addition, we will examine your gums and each of your teeth visually. We’ll also be checking for symptoms of infection, tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer during this time. If any of these problems are discovered, we will discuss treatment options with you and may even be able to treat minor cavities the same day if necessary. 

We will discuss any procedures in detail with you before beginning them to ensure that you are comfortable. We’ll also clean your teeth before you leave to make sure there’s no plaque or bacteria left in your mouth. When you visit our dentist office in La Mesa, CA, we will give you with the best possible treatment by performing your dental checkup quickly and compassionately.

Dental check up in La Mesa

The Benefits of Coming in Now For Dental Check Up

We urge you to come to our dentist’s office at the earliest hint of discomfort at La Mesa Dental Services. You can schedule a dental exam if you have a minor toothache or gum discomfort. If a problem arises, we can address it right away rather than for it to worsen and spread.

In many circumstances, merely removing the rotting region while it is still little might help you avoid experiencing any considerable discomfort. Otherwise, if an untreated cavity spreads, you may find yourself in a dental emergency. Fortunately, scheduling a dental checkup with our La Mesa dentist office is simple.

You only need to phone (619) 467-7797 to make an appointment. We’ll work around your schedule to make sure you get the care you require when you need it.