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The team at La Mesa Dental Services is ready to help you with your dental needs. Whether it’s general dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, or cosmetic work that requires our attention – we have the expertise and know-how for a successful outcome! Our clinic can be found on El Cajon Blvd in San Diego County near California Highway 8. Call us today: (619) 467-7797
Our dental team have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your desired results. We offer treatments for various oral problems, from straightening teeth or correcting misplaced tissue; no matter what issue is causing discomfort in this area we can find an effective solution!

Our client’s health is paramount to us. We have gone beyond all requirements to ensure complete safety for everyone in the clinic.

Massage for rest & relaxation

Manual & excercise therapy

Physical therapy

La Mesa Dental Services

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Our goal has always been to compassionately provide patients with the most current and advanced dental care available in a comfortable relaxed setting.

When you’re looking for a dentist, it’s important that they have more than just excellent skills and knowledge. You need someone who will make sure your teeth are safe from harm while also creating an aesthetically pleasing smile with their work! That is why at La Mesa Dental Services Clinic we strive every day in order fulfill this dream by providing high-quality care backed up by great customer service too !

You don’t have to settle for a temporary solution when you need help. We are here, we care about your well-being and will work with each client on an individual basis in order to create long-lasting relationships that provide support from the start of treatment all the way through its completion

You deserve more than just any old “pop” healing technique – our innovative methods use ancient techniques combined with modern knowledge how so unique solutions can be tailored specifically for YOU!

Dr. Hasan Will Improve Your Overall Health And Restore Your Smile

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The dental team at our practice works with patients to help them achieve and maintain their optimal oral health. We will work closely on an individual basis, taking into consideration the patient’s personal goals for treatment as well any concerns or questions that may arise during your visit . There are many different types of reconstructive options available – we can discuss which is best suited based off what you’re looking forward too!
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Tooth-colored filling

Tooth restorations are a great way to fix teeth that have been damaged by cracks, decays, or fractures.

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Porcelain Dental Veneers

Will let you enjoy the dazzling smile of your dreams in just two or three appoints.

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Root canal treatment

Can cure and save a tooth that had a diseased or injured pulp.

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Dental Implants

Match the appearance, function, and strength of natural teeth so that you may forget that you ever lost a tooth.

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La Mesa Dental Services is a dental practice that strives to provide the latest in technology and techniques, from diagnosis all the way through treatment. Using high-tech equipment allows us ample opportunity for exercising our skills with modern methods of care which will ensure you get excellent results every time!

One thing about coming here – patients always feel welcome as their number one priority; we make sure they know it’s an honor having someone like them trusting us enough by needing help fixing any problems related caused due lack of teeth loss or injury so please don’t hesitate if this sounds right up your alley because there really isn’t anything more satisfying than helping others achieve healthy smiles again.



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Your Free Dental Implants Consultation

Meet Your Implant Specialist

You'll be able to meet with our team throughout your consultation process and we will answer any questions you may have about dental implants. If it's something that interests or concerns you, then this meeting is just what the doctor ordered!

Receive Your Treatment Plan

Depending on your unique situation, we may be able to provide you with the perfect treatment plan. As part of our free consultation for all patients, full mouth X-rays are provided so that personalized care can begin right away!

Get Your Actual Final Price

You will leave your consultation with the knowledge of how much dental implants cost, as well information on financing options. You'll also discuss next steps in making that smile healthy again!